BRA Factoids | Octavia Spencer


For a record FOURTH year in a row, Octavia Spencer has received an Outstanding Supporting Actress nomination. Spencer was nominated in 2011 for The Help, 2012 for Smashed, last year for Fruitvale Station and this year, she’s up again for Snowpiercer!!!

Since making her film debut in 1996’s A Time To Kill, the Montgomery, Alabama native has made a slow but steady climb through the acting ranks. She finally broke through as the opinionated domestic Minny Jackson winning her first Black Reel Awards for The Help.

Subsequently, Spencer has been spotlighted for her role as a food/cooking fan who befriends a young woman in Alcoholics Anonymous in the indie drama, Smashed. She also gave a heart-breaking performance as Oscar Grant’s mother in Fruitvale Station.

This year, Spencer spread her wings with winning performance in several films including Get On Up and child-custody drama, Black or White. In her first foray into the sci-fi genre, Spencer once again plays a mother fiercely determined on getting her son back in the acclaimed Snowpiercer.

It is that tenacity that has established Spencer as a consistent nominee and has carved her place in the Black Reel Awards record books!

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