BRA Factoid | Denzel Washington

'Safe House' Premiere - New York

Congratulations to Denzel Washington who received his record 15th Black Reel Awards nomination for his turn in The Equalizer. The six-time winner, is the most decorated actor in Black Reel Awards history and ONLY Spike Lee with 24, has more nods than Washington!!!

What can we say about the actor that has consistently defined our awards with his long-list of consistent performances? Washington won Outstanding Actor, Motion Picture for the first THREE years of the awards setting the standard of excellence for others to follow.

Reunited with director Antoine Fuqua for the first time since his Oscar and Black Reel Award winning role in Training Day, Washington once again is the reluctant hero who beats down plenty of baddies in The Equalizer.

In addition to his wins as an actor, Washington has also won as a director and producer for Antwone Fisher. He also one of FOUR members of the “Talented Tenth (Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx and Lee),” performers who have received ten or more Black Reel Awards nominations.

Will Washington once again return to the winner’s circle?

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