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Ava 2

Since receiving her first nomination in 2009, no woman has reached nine nominations faster than Ava DuVernay. The talented writer/director has been a constant nominee and with her next nomination she will join an exclusive group of FOUR nominees with 10+ plus nominees, Spike Lee (24), Denzel Washington (15), Queen Latifah (10) and Jamie Foxx (10)!!!

DuVernay’s latest film, Selma, finds her taking the major jump to a bigger-budget studio film after two successful independent efforts. On the heels of her acclaimed indies, I Will Follow and Middle of Nowhere, Selma shows that she has not only the talent but a strong storytelling vision as well.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Duvernay revealed her plans for her next project, an “eight to ten episode cable TV series” that she will direct herself. There’s no title, network, or plot details specified, but the show will follow the thematic thread in much of her work and explore “the black experience in America.”

Over the past five years, DuVernay has really blossomed into a major talent and the sky continues to be the limit for this talented autuer.

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